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Vanadyl Dichloride, VOCl2

Vanadyl Dichloride, VOCl2, is produced by the partial hydrolysis of vanadium tetrachloride. It is also formed, together with small proportions of vanadium oxymonochloride, VOCl, when vanadium oxytrichloride, VOCl3, is reduced either by means of hydrogen or by heating with metallic zinc in a sealed tube at 400° C. It yields grass- green deliquescent crystals which have an unctuous feel. Density at 13° C., 2.88. The dielectric constant and absorption spectrum have been investigated. Efforts to obtain double salts of vanadyl dichloride with chlorides of other metals, corresponding to those given by vanadyl difluoride, have not proved successful.

Two series of double salts having the general formulae VOCl2.4R.HCl. xH2O and VOCl2.2R.HCl.xH2O, where R = quinoline or pyridine, are, however, known.

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