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Alkali vanado-phosphates are numerous, and contain from one to twelve molecules of vanadium pentoxide in combination with one molecule of phosphorus pentoxide. Those with high vanadium pentoxide content are red, crystalline substances, and are called purpureo-compounds; those with low vanadium pentoxide content form yellow crystals, and are styled luteo-compounds.

Purpureo Series

These are prepared by dissolving vanadium pentoxide in solutions of alkali phosphates. The following are known:

7(NH4)2O.P2O5.12V2O5.26H2O or (NH4)7[P(V2O6)6].13H2O;
5(NH4)2O.P2O5.12V2O5.44H2O or (NH4)5H2[P(V2O6)6].21H2O;
7K2O.P2O5.12V2O5.26H2O or K7[P(V2O6)6].13H2O;
5K2O.P2O5.10V2O5.26H2O or K5H2[P(V2O6)5O].12H2O;

together with caesium and rubidium compounds analogous to the last member of the above.

Luteo Series

These are prepared by adding excess of phosphoric acid to solutions of alkali vanadates. The following are known:

(NH4)2O.P2O5-V2O5.1 or 3H2O or ;
(NH4)2O.P2O5.2V2O5.5 or 7H2O or or 7H2O;
2K2O.P2O5.V2O5 or
K2O.P2O5.2V2O5.6 or 7H2O; 3K2O.2P2O5.2V2O5.5H2O; 3K2O.4P2O5.6V2O5.2lH2O.

A free acid having the composition 2HVO3.2HPO3.9H2O or

has been obtained in golden-yellow leaves by the action of vanadium pentoxide on syrupy phosphoric acid.

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