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Vanadium pentoxide dissolves in boiling solutions of the alkali periodates to produce yellow or red, crystalline vanado-periodates, the compositions of which approximate to the following: 5Na2O.5V2O5.2I2O7.xH2O and 5K2O.5V2O5.2I2O7.xH2O. By altering the relative acidity of the solution, various other complexes have been obtained, e.g. 5Na2O.7V2O5.I2O7.27H2O; 6Na2O.9V2O5.I2O7.48H2O; 3Na2O.2V2O5.I2O7.7H2O; 3K2O.2V2O5.I2O7.17½H2O; and 3(NH4)2O.2V2O5.I2O7.6½H2O. The water in the last three compounds has been shown not to be water of constitution, and the salts can be regarded as tribasic vanado-periodates of the general formula ; two oxygen atoms in the periodate ion [IO6]V have been replaced by (VO3)' radicals.

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