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When vanadium pentoxide is dissolved in hot solutions of iodic acid, HIO3, orange-yellow crystals of a sparingly soluble substance having the composition V2O5.I2O5.4H2O are obtained. The four molecules of water are a factor in the constitution of the acid, since they cannot be removed without decomposition taking place. Several other similarly constituted compounds have been prepared, viz. V2O5.2I2O5.10H2O; V2O5.I2O5.5H2O; 2V2O5.3I2O5.18H2O. These all undergo hydrolysis with precipitation of vanadium pentoxide on being boiled with water. By the action of ammonium hydrogen iodate, NH4H(IO3)2, and potassium hydrogen iodate, KH(IO3)2, on the acid V2O5I2O5.4H2O, salts have been prepared which have the following compositions: (NH4)2O.V2O5.2I2O5 and K2O.V2O5.2I2O5. The vanado-iodic acids are probably derivatives of "ortho-iodic acid," I(OH)5. The compound V2O5I2O5.4H2O, therefore, has the following probable constitution:

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