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Vanadium Pentafluoride, VF5

Vanadium Pentafluoride, vanadic fluoride, VF5, is of interest as the only pentahalide of vanadium. It cannot be prepared by the action of hydrofluoric acid on vanadium pentoxide, V2O5, or on sodium meta-vanadate, NaVO3, because of its very strong tendency to undergo hydrolysis, with the formation of oxyfluorides. It is obtained as a white sublimate when the tetrafluoride is heated in a current of nitrogen in a platinum tube, the temperature gradually being raised from 300° to 650° C. It attacks glass and decomposes in moist air; it is therefore kept in air-tight platinum tubes. It is soluble in the common organic solvents. Density at 19° C., 2.1766. It boils at 111.2° C. under 758 mm. pressure.

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