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Vanadium Oxytrifluoride, VOF3

Vanadium Oxytrifluoride, VOF3, is obtained by the action of hydrogen fluoride on the corresponding chlorine compound, VOCl3. It is also formed when vanadous fluoride is heated to redness in oxygen. It is a yellowish-white, extremely hygroscopic substance, readily soluble in water. Its density at 20.5° C. is 2.4591. When heated to 132° C. it undergoes partial decomposition with formation of vanadium pentoxide. The following double salts of vanadium oxytrifluoride are known: 2VOF3.3NH4F.H2O, 2VOF3.3KF, VOF3.2KF, VOF3.VF5. 4KF, and 2VOF3.3KF.HF. These double salts are white, crystalline compounds; they are stable in the air, but undergo hydrolysis in solution to form addition compounds of vanadium dioxyfluoride, VO2F.

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