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Vanadium Oxytribromide, VOBr3

Vanadium Oxytribromide, VOBr3, is produced when pure, dry bromine is passed over vanadous oxide, V2O3, heated to redness. Yellowish-white vapours are evolved which condense to a deep red, hygroscopic liquid, density 2.9673 at 0° C. It decomposes slowly at ordinary temperatures into vanadyl dibromide and bromine, but distils without decomposition at 130° to 136° C. under 100 mm. pressure. It is much less stable than vanadyl dibromide, VOBr2.

An oxybromide of possible constitution VO2Br3.5H2O is known, but the constitution of this compound is a matter of doubt. It is obtained by dissolving hypovanadic oxide, VO2, in dilute aqueous hydrobromic acid. Hydrochloric acid under similar conditions yields the compound VO2Cl2.8H2O.

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