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The simple vanado-silicates do not appear to be stable, but a number of molybdo-vanadosilicates have been obtained either by acidifying solutions which contain molybdates, vanadates and silicates, or by addition of vanadium pentoxide to the molybdo-silicates. They form heavy, yellowish-red to brownish-red crystals, which are very easily hydrolysed and are, therefore, not always reproducible. The following isomorphous series has been recognised:

3R2O.SiO2.V2O5.9MoO3.xH2O or ; 3R2O.SiO2.V2O5.10MoO3.xH2O or ; 3R2O.SiO2.V2O5.11MoO3.xH2O; 3R2O.SiO2.V2O5.15MoO3.xH2O.

(R = NH4 or K; R2 = Ba.)

Potassium-ammonium double salts have also been prepared. The first two series can be looked upon as derivatives of the co-ordinated silico-acid, H8[SiIVO6]; the last two series cannot be formulated in accordance with Werner's theory.

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