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Divanadyl Chloride, V2O2Cl

Divanadyl Chloride, V2O2Cl, is formed, together with vanadium oxymonochloride and vanadyl dichloride, when the vapour of vanadium oxytrichloride, VOCl3, mixed with hydrogen, is passed through a glass tube heated to redness. It is an insoluble, bronze-coloured substance, similar in appearance to mosaic gold; under the microscope it is seen to consist of glistening yellow crystals. Density at 20° C., 3.64. On being heated in air it forms vanadium pentoxide. A hydrate, 2V2O2Cl.5H2O, has been obtained by the action of hydrogen sulphide on a solution of vanadium pentoxide in concentrated hydrochloric acid. The chemical identity of divanadyl chloride is, however, a matter of doubt.

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